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Art Must Be Beautiful. Selected Works by Marina Abramović
September 16 – November 13, 2011, opening September 15 at 5 p.m.
Curator: Rael Artel

Contemporary art festival ART IST KUKU NU UT and Tartu Art Museum are very pleased to announce that on September 15 the exhibition „Art Must Be Beautiful. Selected Works by Marina Abramović“ that was specifically created for the art audiences in Tartu and Estonia will be opened at the Tartu Art Museum.

The team of ART IST KUKU NU UT has set the idea of bringing art that is significant in the context of world art history as one of its main aims – without this it would be impossible to talk about contemporary art in its continuity. As the organizers of the festival, our wish is to make that which is taken for granted in the rest of the world available, for a short period, to the local art audience. We would like to bring to the periphery that which is always in the center (both in a geographical and intellectual sense).

As the curator, I asked Marina Abramović, the living legend of performance art, to be the first contemporary art icon to be exhibited at the festival. We wanted to begin with a female artist of Eastern-European background with whom the audience would share the same ideological past and who would stand as a counterweight to the usual masculinity of the art world. And there is one more reason why we wanted to welcome Marina to Tartu: the artist and the festival have common origins — both gained momentum for their activities from within the walls of a student gallery.

The selection of works composed specifically for the audience in Tartu and Estonia is small but concise, offering works from both of Marina’s solo periods. The main reasons behind the choice of these works was my wish to concentrate on Marina’s vision of being an artist, her position in society, and her critical stance towards the expectations that society generates towards visual art and cultural production as a whole.

The opening of the exhibition will be followed by the screening of Babette Mangolte's film „Marina Abramović's „Seven Easy Pieces““ in the Athena cinema at 7 p.m. The entrance is free.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue compiled by Rael Artel, edited by Tiiu Talvistu and designed by Mikk Heinsoo. The catalogue contains articles from following authors: Rael Artel, Wojciech Doroszuk, Kiwa, Reet Mark, Marge Monko, Bojana Pejic, Maria-Kristiina Soomre, Ewa Małgorzata Tatar and Jelena Vesić.

The exhibition „Art Must Be Beautiful. Selected Works by Marina Abramović“ would not have been possible without the help and support of the following people and organizations:

Very special thanks: Cecile Panzieri and Sean Kelly Gallery, New York

Thanks: Lauren Kelly, Jessica Ventura and Sean Kelly Gallery, New York; Sylvia Renner and Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York; Theus Zwakhals and Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam.

Supporters: Athena center, Avision AS, Barton & Guestier, Bauhof Group AS, Estonian Cultural Endowment, Estonian Art Museum, Estonian Gambling Tax Council, Estonian Ministry of Culture, Müürileht, Prike AS, restaurant Vassilissa, Saaremaa Vodka, Tartu City Council, Tartu Üliõpilasmaja MTÜ, Ö-stuudio

More information about the exhibition:
Rael Artel
Curator of the exhibition and artistic director of the contemporary art festival ART IST KUKU NU UT
+372 56 229 213

Tiiu Talvistu
Research Director of Tartu Art Museum
+372 52 81 342
+372 7431 051

Information about the other exhibitions at ART IST KUKU NU UT can be found on the festival's website

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